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Green Giant Arborvitae

Plant Type: Evergreen, bare-root

Zones:  5-8

Soil Type:  Clay, Loamy & Sandy Soils

Site Selection: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Mature Height & Width:  50-60' Height and 15-20' Spread

Growth Rate:  Fast - 24" or more per year once established

Moisture Requirements: Average

Plant Characteristics

Green Giant Arborvitae

Thuja plicata x Thuja standishii

The Green Giant Arborvitae is another one of todays best selling pyramidal arbs. This very fast growing evergreen has rich green foliage which will slightly bronze during winter months. The Green Giant does well in most soil types including clay as long as it is well drained. Exhibits a fair amount of deer resistance, and is wind resistant once established. Largely disease and pest free, it can reach heights of 50-60' in ideal growing conditions. Avoid areas prone to salt spray with this arborvitae.

The Green Giant Arborvitae is a very fast growing arborvitae, growing up to 3' per year with ideal growing conditions!  This selection has been known to grow to over 100' in height but normally reaches 50-60' in height in most situations.  This arborvitae has a deep green color and only bronzes slightly during winter months.  Areas prone to salt spray should be avoided, as this tree is not salt tolerant.

The Green Giant Arborvitae exhibits a degree of deer resistance.  The dense foliage is used for cover by a host of different birds and small mammals.  Seeds and flower buds produced by this arborvitae are eaten by a number of birds.  Try out some of our Green Giant Arborvitae seedlings today!

Common uses for the Green Giant Arborvitae:

  • Privacy screen
  • Evergreen
  • Windbreak
  • Dense foliage provides great cover for many birds

The Green Giant Arborvitae provides cover, shelter, roosting and nesting habitat for numerous birds who take refuge in its thick foliage.  The seeds and flower buds are eaten by numerous birds.