Planting Site Selection

Choosing the proper planting site is essential to the success of your tree or shrub seedlings. Visit us online at where you will find specific information on each type of seedling we sell. Observe the Planting Zones as well as recommended soil type, light and moisture requirements. Review the mature height and spread to determine planting distances.

Preparation of Planting Site

It is necessary to remove and keep surrounding vegetation at bay so the seedlings are not forced to compete for soil nutrients, space and light. When possible, remove all vegetation in an area approximately 18" surrounding the planting site for your seedling. Trim or mow the area and spray with a non-selective herbicide. Usage of most over the counter products can be followed with planting 1 to 3 days after spraying the area. Read the product label for specific planting information after product use. Failure to remove competing vegetation will decrease the survival rate of seedlings.

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Planting and Care Guide PDF