Dear Friends of Chief River Nursery,

There is nothing more exciting than hearing about someone who is enhancing their property with our plants! Gardeners may want Apple trees or Blueberry bushes so they can grow their own food. Landowners might want to add cover or a natural food source for deer and game birds. Forestry and government agencies often buy trees in bulk for large reforestation projects. We are fortunate to serve them all, and never take anyone's patronage for granted.

We're humbled by how our customers continue to raise our company to new levels. Our warehouse and new cold storage rooms allow us to contain nearly 3 million plants at a time, in over 90,000 cubic feet of precision controlled cold storage! This expansive capability allows us to sell more varieties while increasing our production volume. We have precise control over the conditions our plants experience during their temporary stay in cold storage.

Our goals at Chief River Nursery are quite simple. Provide healthy and hardy plants at favorable prices. Treat our customers with the kindness and respect they deserve, while responding to their needs promptly.

Our commitment to providing quality plants at reasonable prices as well as excellent customer service has not changed. Whether you need 2 trees or 200,000, Chief River Nursery is positioned well to serve you. We thank you for your continued trust.

Your planting friends,

Dean and Sheila Koch