Are You a Hunter or Wildlife Enthusiast?

At Chief River Nursery, we love our wildlife as much as anyone around. This is why we sell many different types of trees and shrubs to bring in and hold that wildlife on your property. Whether it’s a berry producing shrub or an evergreen that provides good nesting cover for birds, we have them. Looking for a nut producing tree or shrub that the deer and and turkey love? We have those too. Maybe a fruit tree that produces apples or soft mast is more of what you are looking for. No problem. Our nursery is committed to selling natural food sources for wildlife. We promise to always offer an expanding selection of trees and shrubs that bring nature to you!

Don’t forget our standard purchase incentives on every day purchases. Orders over $75 receive a 5% discount off the entire order, and orders over $175 receive a 10% discount off the entire order.

Please visit our tree and shrub finder to search out the many selections available. Each product page will contain a “Wildlife Value” tab with expanded information on important trees and shrubs.

Why Choose us for your wildlife plantings?

Great selections for the bird or butterfly watcher in you

Many choices for bringing in and keeping deer or turkeys on your property

Healthy and viable stock that comes with a limited guarantee

  • Strong and healthy nursery stock shipped to your door.
  • Multiple sizes available on many species.
  • Many tree and shrub seedlings you receive will exceed the sizes listed online and in our catalog.
  • Several pricing tiers allow you to buy in small quantities and save big if you increase your order.
  • Standard purchase incentives on every day purchases.
  • Great, easy going customer service.