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Plant Type: Dormant, bare-root

Zones:  2-8

Soil Type:  Clay, Loamy & Sandy Soils

Site Selection: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Mature Height & Width:  50-80' Height and 30-50' Spread

Growth Rate:  Moderate - 12-24" per year once established

Moisture Requirements: Average soils

Plant Characteristics

Basswood / American Linden

Tilia Americana

Basswood (also known as American Linden) is often used as a specimen or dense shade tree. Beautiful and sturdy, its heart-shaped green leaves and pale yellow fragrant flowers in June make it especially attractive. The Basswood exhibits an oval to round shape with smooth gray to brown bark when young. The bark matures to a scaly and furrowed form with age. American Linden is native to the Midwest and northeastern part of the United States. This beautiful and sturdy tree is often used as a specimen or dense shade tree.

Honey made from the nectar of these flowers is a prized gourmet item. Basswood flowers have also been used to make tea. Basswood will begin flowering at around 15 years of age. Syrup can be made from the sweet tree sap. The American Linden is generally intolerant of air pollution and urban conditions. Displays fair drought tolerance once it is established.