Plant Investment Timber or a Sustainable Firewood Plot

Have you ever considered growing timber as an investment? If not, maybe you should. There is a great deal of profit to be had at harvest time down the road. While this is a long term investment, the payoff can be big as a retirement investment or simply to do something you love and leaving a valuable legacy to your children. Did you know that every American goes through a 100 foot tall tree each year? When you see all the products made from wood, it is no surprise. Desks, construction lumber, fine furniture and the mountain of paperwork you see sitting on your counter is a testament to the need for timber.Please consult a government forester for your county, a university extension in your area, a private forestry services company, or an area woodland owner's cooperative for more information on planning or managing a woodland for investment.

  • Black Walnut, Hybrid Poplar, Black Cherry, Red Maple, White Oak, White Pine, and others
  • Once tree crops are planted, they require relatively low inputs and costs as they mature
  • Cost sharing programs may be available to assist with initial planting costs
  • Tax benefits to owning crop land can enhance your investment (Please consult a tax professional)

Sustainable Firewood Plot

Another great idea, especially with high home heating costs, is planting a sustainable firewood plot. The idea is to plant a certain amount of trees each year. Once the trees get to a sufficient size, cut the oldest ones down for firewood and plant another crop. You can easily keep a rotation of trees going and have your own built in firewood supply. We have many species that can be grown for their favorable BTU value as well as fast growing trees which can be harvested within 5 to 7 years. Burning wood for heat is guilt free. Did you know that a tree absorbs the same amount of Carbon Dioxide over its lifetime that it creates when it is burned? This applies to all sizes of trees, with the net impact of burning wood for fuel being zero emissions!