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Santa Rosa Plum

Plant Type: Dormant, bare-root

Zones:  5-9

Soil Type:  Loamy Soil

Site Selection: Full Sun

Mature Height & Width:  20-25' Height and 12-15' Spread

Growth Rate:  Moderate - 12-24" per year once established

Moisture Requirements: Average

Plant Characteristics

Santa Rosa Plum Tree

Prunus - 'Santa Rosa'

Santa Rosa Plum are in extremely short supply industry-wide and are not be available for the 2021-22 season. Please enter your email above and click "Notify Me" if you would like a one time alert the next time Santa Rosa Plum are available to order, likely for Spring of 2023 delivery.

Santa Rosa Plum trees provide an incredible springtime display of pink and white blossoms, enjoyed by honey bees and other pollinators. In late July, the rich purplish-red skinned fruit will be ready to pick and enjoy. The flesh is yellow to dark red, sweet and with a hint of tartness. The Santa Rosa is a clingstone plum, perfect for cooking, drying, canning or freezing. Plant these self-polinating plum trees 20' apart.