For the Homeowner and Landowner

Chief River Nursery has a wide selection of tree and shrub seedlings for your yard or acreage. We offer a variety of evergreens for year round color and privacy, trees and shrubs ranging from Oak to Hazelnut and fruit selections such as Apple and Peach trees to spark your taste buds. Need to plant a row of pine or spruce trees? No problem. Maybe that grove of Quaking Aspen you saw on your visit to Colorado moved you. We have them. Want to plant a fruit tree so you can harvest your own apples, plums, apricots, peaches or pears? We can help you. Please read on and see why you should choose Chief River Nursery for all of your planting needs.

Why choose us?

Selection: Chief River Nursery carries a great selection of conifers, hardwoods, shrubs, and fruit trees. Each year we expand our selection to include additional species and additional sizes on the seedlings we offer.

Healthy Nursery Stock With A Guarantee: The nursery stock we sell is healthy and viable. We guarantee it will grow and thrive when planted and cared for as recommended. Please see the Our Guarantee page for more details.

Value: We keep our prices low by watching our costs, streamlining our business through the use of technology, utilizing efficient equipment and selling a high volume of quality nursery stock each year. This means we can offer you a healthy and viable seedling at a very reasonable price.

Convenient Ordering: There are several ways to order from our nursery. You can conveniently place your order through our secure online store, call our ordering line at 1-800-367-9254, or complete the order form in our catalog and return it via email or fax.

Discount Tiers & Purchase Incentives: Many nurseries will not sell trees and shrubs in quantities of less than 100, and some only sell in quantities of 500 or more. Not us. If you want several seedlings of a certain type, we will happily sell them to you. We don't believe that you should have to buy a bundle of trees when you only need a handful. That is why we offer nine different discount tiers on most species. Large discounts are available if you do need to buy in bulk, however our only requirement is a $30 minimum order, prior to shipping. At Chief River Nursery, you can also benefit from our standard purchase incentives. Any order totaling $50 or more will receive a 5% discount, and any order totaling $150 or more will receive a 10% discount at checkout. These purchase incentives are available every day and are always in addition to the discounted prices which we offer.