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JIM GEM KBC Planting Bar

The JIM GEM® KBC Planting Bar will make short work of planting your bare root trees and shrubs. This lifetime tool is built to last and will simplify your next planting project!


JIM GEM® KBC Planting Bar

Want a faster and easier way to plant your bare root seedlings? Look no further! The JIM GEM® KBC Planting Bar penetrates soil cleanly and easily, allowing less dirt to fall back into the planting hole. The bar has an overall length of 39". The blade is 4"W x 12"L, 1" thick at top, and tapers to a point. This planting bar features a blade cast from special alloy steel. The blade and footstep are cast as one piece, so the footstep won't break or bend, even under heavy use. Blade "spike" fits into handle to form reinforced joint. Strongly welded at the handle and blade joint.