Will Sales Tax Be Charged On My Order?

We are required by law to charge sales tax on all orders delivered to addresses located in the following states: IA, IL, IN, KY, MD, ME, MI, MN, NC, NE, NJ, OH, PA, VA, VT, WI. Sales tax will be charged at the local sales tax rate of the delivery address, with the exception of certain qualified tax-exempt situations.

Tax Exempt Orders:

In certain circumstances, a purchase may qualify for tax-exempt status. State and federal agencies, non-profit organizations and companies who resell our products are the three most common reasons an order may qualify as tax-exempt. To see if you may be eligible for tax-exempt status, please visit the Department of Revenue website for your state.

If you are deemed tax-exempt, you will be required to provide a tax- exempt certificate prior to placing your order. During the checkout process, on the Order Summary, simply click on Is this purchase tax-exempt? A pop-up window appears in which you will create a new account, or login to your existing account. While inside your account, complete and submit your tax-exempt certificate. Upon submission of the completed certificate, you may place qualifying orders while logged into your account.