What Kind Of Trees Should I Buy?

Always take into consideration the type of soil on the planting site, sun conditions, and whether there is good air and water drainage. Some trees thrive in loamy, wet soils, like hardwoods; while others like dry, light conditions, like pines. The purpose of your planting is also important. Do you want a tree that will give you privacy, bear fruit, grace you with beautiful fall color, attract wildlife or provide shade? These are all important considerations when planning your planting project.

In the online store portion of our website, each tree and shrub has a description that shows a map of where they are most likely to thrive. Also described are the moisture requirements, acceptable soil types, sun/shade requirements and mature height and widths of the tree. If you have additional or specific questions about one of our trees or shrubs, please email us at info@chiefrivernursery.com and we will respond promptly.