What Are Bare Root Seedlings and Transplants

Bare Root Seedlings

Bare root seedlings are originally planted as seed and nurtured to grow. At some point, depending on age or height, they are lifted from the ground and sold as seedlings. Some will be replanted and left to grow longer, transforming into an even larger and better branched tree called a transplant. Bare root seedlings do not have soil surrounding the roots when you receive them. This makes for easy planting and seedlings that more easily adapt to your own soil.

Bare Root Transplants

Bare root transplants had originally started as seedlings for the first couple of years. The seedlings were then lifted from the ground and replanted, hence the name transplant. When this is done in the correct environment, an amazing natural transformation takes place. The transplanted seedling branches out and becomes much more dense in form. Our transplants are well branched, healthy and beautiful. All of the tree measurements are from the ground up and are very conservative. Bare root simply means that the tree comes to you free of soil on the roots. This helps reduce the price of the seedling and makes them more adaptable to the soil that you are planting them in.