Do You Have Any In the Field Planting Tips?

When heading to the field, keeping the roots moist is critical. Seedlings can be killed in less than 20 minutes if exposed to the drying effects of wind and sun. We have listed a couple of pointers below.

  • It is a good idea have a tub or large bucket available for planting time. The tub or bucket should be filled with 2 to 4 inches of water mixed with shredded newspaper or sphagnum moss placed around the roots. As long as the seedlings will not be allowed to sit for hours, it is sufficient to place the roots directly into water. Just make sure the roots are fully submerged so they cannot dry out while in the field.
  • It is not recommended to take plastic bags containing seedlings out into the field on sunny days. The bags can act as mini greenhouses and expose the trees to undesirable temperatures, especially in black bags which particularly absorb the sun.
  • Only take as many seedlings as you will plant in a couple of hours. Leave the rest in a protected area out of the wind and direct sunlight.
  • After the hole is dug, dip the roots of the plant in a root gel such as our Super Gel or Super Spore products. These products are designed to retain moisture around the root zone and release it when it is most needed. Super Spore has addition essential fungi that will stay with the plant its entire lifetime.
  • Cover the roots with soil as soon as possible to avoid overexposure to wind and sunlight.
  • Water the trees in thoroughly to help get them off to a good start. A regular watering routine should be implemented, especially during the first full growing season when the plants are getting established.

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